Control panel accessories

Notstromakku NB.jpg

Emergency Power Batteries NB

  1. VDS approved

  2. long life span


Sensors TS-1030

  1. For automatic ventilation control via room temperature, switching contact suitable for AC and DC 1 changeover contact

  2. Target positioner +5 C to 30 C


Photo-optical smoke detector MSD 523

  1. VdS-approved light-optical smoke detector

  2. Monitoring area max. 120 m² and a mounting height max. 16 m


SHE Manual Call Point RBH/3A

  1. Function keys SHEV OPEN and SHEV CLOSE. 3 LED displays "SHEV OPEN", "OPERATION", "FAULT"

  2. certified following the prEN 12101-9:2004


Power Pack (NT 2A) + Mains Power Supplies

  1. Control via push-button operation OPEN / CLOSE via external 230VAC ventilation button

  2. Control of an OPEN indication via flap contacts (switched via 2 relays)


Switching Devices GSM2G

  1. Group Isolation relays for ventilation controls for connection of 230V AC drives in 2 groups

  2. Construction of several groups by cascading the group control units


Vent Switches LTA 25

  1. For manual ventilation use the buttons OPEN / STOP / CLOSE for the operating voltage 24 V DC

  2. Built-in LED indicator "OPEN"