Safety and comfort important at Meadowhall Shopping Centre  

Tailor made (smoke) ventilation system 


Our partner Lareine Engineering has installed over 600 Brakel® ventilators to provide a state-of-the-art smoke ventilation system at Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield.  


Safety and comfort for visitors and staff 

Meadowhall is the largest shopping centre in Yorkshire and currently the eighth largest in the United Kingdom, with a floor area in excess of 1,500,000 sq ft. With over 280 stores, Meadowhall attracts about 30 million visitors

a year. The comfort of safety of customers and store staff are important.  


Project scope: meeting complex demands 

Lareine Engineering designed and installed a bespoke dualpurpose system to provide smoke and natural ventilation to these areas.  


604 Louvered ventilators for roof and facade 

First the existing obsolete ventilators were removed. The new system comprises 406 Brakel Eura® Excellence insulated smoke ventilators and 204 Brakel® Estra facade ventilators.  


Modification systems for maintenance 

The ventilators at Meadowhall have been modified to allow maintenance to be carried out from the flat roof The Brakel® Eura and Brakel® Estra ventilators were specially modified for the Meadowhall project to allow all maintenance to be carried out externally from the flat roof. 


EN 12101-2 test  

During the specification process the design team and main contractor visited Kingpsan|Brakel’s facility in The Netherlands to witness a rain test on the Brakel® Eura louvered ventilators. These modified units also had to be re-tested to comply with EN12101-2. 


Successful project completion 

The program duration was approximately two years, with completion of phase 1 on time – on December 17th 2017. Much of the work was undertaken at night to ensure the project did not affect the day-to-day operation of the shopping centre. Each smoke zone was completed and commissioned and made live before the next zone was commenced – and zones were each commissioned independently on completion. A further 3 smoke zones were added during phase 1 and these additional smoke zones. The additional zones included an additional 64 Brakel® Eura ventilators and 9 Brakel® Estra ventilators.